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Birth Injury Frequently Asked Questions

What Qualities to Look for in a Maryland Birth Injury Lawyer?

As a mother, there is nothing more traumatic than witnessing your child suffer from a birth injury, especially if it was caused by the negligence of the medical providers who were responsible for monitoring your child during the pregnancy and ensuring your birth was Continue reading

Which Element of a Birth Injury Is Hardest to Prove?

When it comes to winning a birth injury medical malpractice case, the hardest element to prove is usually the second element, that the medical provider’s actions breached the duty of care they owed to the patient at the time. However, to prove medical negligence occurred, …Continue reading

Can I Pursue Legal Action If My Child Suffered a Birth Defect?

Many parents come to us at Peter Angelos Law to ask the difference between a birth injury and a birth defect, and whether the injury or defect their child has suffered enables them to make a medical malpractice claim against their health care provider. …Continue reading

How Do I Know If I Have A Strong Case For A Birth Injury?

The easiest way to understand if you have a strong case for a birth injury lawsuit is to contact a skilled birth injury lawyer. An attorney with a strong understanding of the birth injury lawsuit process can help evaluate your case …Continue reading

Can I Still File a Birth Injury Lawsuit If My Child Was Born a Few Years Ago?

Here at Peter Angelos Law, our team receives queries every week from parents who are unsure of their options following a birth injury. One of the most common questions we hear is “can I still file a birth …Continue reading

Can I File a Birth Injury Lawsuit if My Child Was Stillborn in Maryland?

Can I File a Birth Injury Lawsuit if My Child Was Stillborn in Maryland – A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Your Legal Rights. The birth of your child should be a joyous occasion. However, the joy of parents can be tragically shattered when an unborn child is stillborn. This devastating event often leads to grief … Continue reading

Can You Pursue Legal Action if You Experienced Complications During Childbirth?

Going through pregnancy and childbirth is a deeply personal and emotional event, and it is perfectly normal to be worried about possible complications. Unfortunately, in many cases, these complications occur naturally, but in other cases, they arise due to negligent medical care. When this …Continue reading

How Can I Find the Best Attorney to Handle My Birth Injury Case?

In the tragic aftermath of a birth injury, having the right legal support navigating the complex legal landscape is crucial. Finding the best attorney to handle your birth injury case can provide peace of mind and significantly improve your chances of securing … Continue reading

Can I Still Pursue Legal Action if My Child’s Birth Injury Occurred Outside of a Hospital Setting?

Seeking legal recourse for a child’s birth injury outside hospital birth injuries, unfortunately, is a distressing reality that many parents have to grapple with. Most commonly, we associate these injuries with circumstances inside a hospital during the delivery process. However, it’s crucial to recognize that a child’s birth injury can occur outside of traditional hospital settings…Continue reading

Can I Receive Compensation for Ongoing Medical Expenses Related to My Child’s Birth Injury?

Birth injuries are an unfortunate reality many families face, often leading to a lifetime of medical care and significant ongoing medical expenses. The struggle of coping with a child’s birth injury can be compounded by the financial stress associated with long-term …Continue reading

Can I Recover Damages for Emotional Distress Related to My Medical Negligence Injuries?

Navigating the aftermath of a medical negligence incident can be incredibly challenging, both physically and emotionally. If you’ve experienced a situation where medical malpractice has caused not only physical harm but also significant emotional distress, you might find yourself asking, “Can I …Continue reading

How Do Settlement Negotiations Function in a Baltimore Birth Injury Case?

Understanding Settlement Processes in Baltimore Birth Injury Claims. Birth injuries are heart-wrenching events that can forever alter the lives of families in Baltimore. When these injuries occur due to medical negligence, pursuing a birth injury case becomes essential for seeking justice and compensation. A significant aspect of these personal injury cases is settlement negotiations, a …Continue reading