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Gas Explosion Attorney In Maryland

Injured In A Gas Explosion Or Fire?

Explosions resulting from gas leaks occur regularly and with devastating results. While gas explosions are common in the industrial sector and on the job in dangerous professions, they can happen in nearly any setting in which explosive gases are present, including natural gas, methane, propane and butane. In fact, many of the most notable and most destructive gas explosives in recent years have occurred at facilities or buildings where large numbers of people have been present, including apartment complexes, schools, residential neighborhoods and others. Wherever these explosions take place, the dangers are extensive and the risks for serious injuries are extreme.

Our Maryland personal injury lawyers are fully prepared to represent victims, workers and families who have been injured by gas explosions. As many of these gas explosions are caused by unsafe conditions or defective equipment, we thoroughly investigate all of the circumstances surrounding your accident and injury. If, for example, there is evidence of a defective product, or of health and safety code violations that caused the explosion and/or fire, our environmental litigation attorneys will waste no time in helping you take legal action against the responsible party.

Gas explosions pose some of the most devastating and painful physical injuries. From smoke inhalation to serious burn injuries, the physical damages victims suffer can be severe. In addition, victims and families often experience tremendous emotional and financial burdens, making the need to full and fair compensation a priority. Should you choose to work with Peter Angelos Law, you can rest assured that our experienced and compassionate attorneys work without rest until we can obtain the most favorable results.

Experienced And Proven Legal Adversaries

Whether a gas explosion is caused by the negligence of big business or a defective household product, our Maryland personal injury attorneys are equipped with the legal tools and genuine desire to hold the responsible party liable for the damages they caused, no matter how large or powerful they may be. By relying on our extensive experience, abilities to prepare cases and litigation skills, we can effectively seek justice for the victims we represent and recover the damages they require. If you would like to discuss your case with a member of our legal team and learn more about the ways in which we can fight on your behalf, contact Peter Angelos Law today at 410-216-0009.