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Types Of Product Liability Claims

Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer Explains Grounds For Claims

Victims injured by unsafe consumer products have the right to take legal action against responsible companies. While there is a wide range of cases and circumstances for which product liability law may be applied, claims will typically fall into three general types of product liability categories. These include claims for manufacturing defects, design defects and marketing defects.

  • Design Defects
    Defective design is among the grounds for a product liability claim. When a product is designed in a way that makes it inherently unsafe, all products manufactured according to that design will have defects and will be dangerous to consumers. This means that regardless of how a product is manufactured, even if done perfectly and with top-quality materials, it will still be potentially dangerous. An example of a design defect is a car make and model that has a tendency to flip over.
  • Manufacturing Defects
    Claims that involve manufacturing defects primarily concern unsafe products that were manufactured incorrectly or in a way that makes them dangerous for their intended use. Manufacturing defects are usually the result of poor workmanship or low-quality or dangerous materials.
  • Marketing Defects
    Also known as failure to warn defects, marketing defects involve products that carry inherent dangers that could be avoided through adequate user warnings. These dangers are typically present regardless of how well the product was designed or manufactured.

It must be mentioned that product liability claims can vary considerably depending on the circumstances involved. Certain products, for example, may be regulated by different types of consumer protection laws, or companies in certain industries may be held to different standards of duty and care. No matter what type of product liability claim you may be eligible to file, you can be sure that our firm’s Maryland personal injury attorneys have the skills and experience to effectively handle the legal work involved in your case.

Learn More About Filing A Product Liability Claim

As product liability is an area of law that is constantly evolving and routinely subject to dispute, it is highly recommended that you have proven, caring, and capable legal minds working with you during these claims. Our firm is prepared to take on even the largest corporations or pharmaceutical companies and can deliver the advocacy and support you need.

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