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After A Devastating Crash, Turn To Our Trusted Baltimore Truck Accident Attorneys

There’s a reason you almost never hear about a minor collision between a large truck and a smaller vehicle. Trucking accidents are devastating, changing or ending lives in an instant. It is estimated that truck crashes are responsible for nearly 5,000 deaths on US roads each year and countless injuries.

If you were injured or lost someone you love in a truck accident, our legal team at Peter Angelos Law is here for you. The name of our founding attorney has become synonymous with injury victim advocacy in Maryland, and we continue the important work he began more than 60 years ago.

Common Factors Leading To Truck Accidents And Injuries

In many cases, trucking accidents can be attributed to negligence by truck drivers, trucking companies or both. Accidents are frequently the result of driver fatigue, violations of safety regulations, unsecured or unbalanced cargo, unreasonable delivery deadlines that compel drivers to speed or drive recklessly and mechanical problems caused by inadequate repair and maintenance practices.

When truck accident victims are fortunate enough to survive, they often suffer permanent and life-changing injuries. Our skilled attorneys fight for compensation on behalf of those who have suffered traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, crushed limbs, burn injuries, scarring and disfigurement and more. They understand that nothing will ever be the same for you, and they want to help you secure the resources you need to live as normally and comfortably as you can after the accident.

Truck Accidents Are Complex And Require The Assistance Of A Skilled Attorney

Legally speaking, any personal injury lawyer can represent you in a truck accident claim. But it is in your best interest to choose a highly experienced semi truck accident lawyer. Here are some of the many factors that make truck accident litigation complex and difficult to win:

  • Truck drivers and trucking companies are governed by numerous state and federal regulations, and an in-depth understanding of these rules and regulations is critical in building a case.
  • Trucking companies are backed by high-value commercial insurance policies, and insurers will aggressively contest liability to protect their bottom line.
  • Truck accidents are more likely than other crashes to result in catastrophic injuries or death, meaning that the financial stakes of litigation are high for all parties involved.
  • Truck crashes often involve numerous defendants, including the driver, the trucking company, insurers, vehicle manufacturers and mechanics, companies that loaded cargo before the accident and more. The firm you hire needs to have the resources to fully investigate your claim and identify all potentially liable parties.

When you need a trucking accident lawyer in Maryland, the easy choice is Peter Angelos Law. Our team of 19 attorneys brings more than 500 years of combined legal experience to each case. Starting with the groundbreaking work of our founder decades ago, our firm has a long history of successfully taking on some of the largest and most complex lawsuits in the state’s history. We have been a trusted resource for the injured in Baltimore and beyond since the 1960s.

Recognizing The Most Dangerous Roads And Highways In Maryland

Accidents can happen anywhere, but they tend to be far more common in certain areas than others. In Maryland, many have identified Route 210 in Prince George’s County as the deadliest highway. Excessive speeding is one of the factors that make the road so dangerous. Since 2007, accidents on 210 have claimed the lives of 91 people.

Interstate 95 and Interstate 97 are also considered especially dangerous. These highways are heavily traveled, including by trucks, and they are known hot spots for serious and fatal crashes.

Although poor road design or similar infrastructure problems can cause or contribute to motor vehicle accidents, driver negligence is often primarily to blame. That is the first factor our Baltimore truck accident lawyers will examine when investigating a claim.

Truck Accidents Involve More Than Just Semis

Some of the most common and deadly accidents on Maryland roads involve a collision between an 18-wheeler and a smaller passenger vehicle. But this fact shouldn’t overshadow the dangers posed by other large commercial trucks. Our trucking accident attorneys have assisted clients injured in all manner of truck crashes, including:

  • Delivery truck accidents (Amazon, UPS, FedEx, etc.)
  • Cargo van and “last mile” delivery vehicle accidents
  • Crashes involving construction vehicles traveling on Maryland roads
  • Accidents involving municipal vehicles like trash trucks
  • Flatbed trucks with improperly secured cargo that can fall off and injure other vehicle occupants

With the meteoric rise of online shopping, there are perhaps more delivery vehicles on the road now than ever before. Too often, they are driven by inexperienced and poorly trained workers who are facing unreasonably tight delivery deadlines. This combination of factors is a recipe for disaster, and it puts everyone on the road at risk of a serious or fatal crash.

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