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Childbirth is a strenuous, stressful process, but it is ultimately an exciting time for any family. Unfortunately, some families experience tragic events during childbirth when their physicians do not uphold the standard of care that this critical procedure requires. Some mothers experience unexpected medical complications that make natural childbirth dangerous or even impossible. In these situations, a Cesarean section or C-section procedure is necessary to ensure the health and safety of both mother and child.

Unfortunately, not every C-section proceeds as intended, and sometimes medical professionals make negligent errors that lead to untimely or improperly conducted C-sections. In turn, these errors may result in injuries to mothers and/or their babies. If your family has recently experienced any type of C-section injury that you believe occurred due to a medical professional’s negligence, you need reliable legal counsel you can trust to guide you through the legal proceedings you face.

A Medical Malpractice Lawyer In Baltimore Can Help Your Family Recover From A C-Section Injury

If you have experienced any type of C-section injury due to the negligence of a medical professional, it is essential to know the value of legal representation when it comes to securing compensation for your damages. The right Baltimore personal injury lawyer can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of any medical malpractice case and handle your legal concerns so you can focus on recovery with peace of mind.

A C-section injury can cause catastrophic or even fatal injuries to a mother and/or child. Some babies will develop permanent disabilities from mishandled C-section procedures, leading to a lifetime of medical expenses and diminished quality of life. A botched C-section may even be fatal for the mother, child, or both. The Baltimore birth injury attorneys at Peter Angelos Law in Baltimore, Maryland, can provide the compassionate and responsive legal counsel you need after your family has experienced medical malpractice of this nature. We understand how devastating C-section injuries can be for any family and are committed to ensuring our clients’ recoveries.

Types Of C-Section Injuries

You and your family may have experienced a wide range of negative effects from a C-section injury if the doctor handling the procedure was negligent. Peter Angelos Law has successfully handled many different C-section injury cases, and these claims can include several types of medical malpractice such as:

Premature Delivery

It is typically best for a C-section to take place once the mother goes into labor. If a C-section is conducted too early, the baby can be born prematurely and experience a wide range of complications. Even if a C-section occurs just one week before the infant is full-term, the child can experience many medical complications such as increased risk of traumatic injury, developmental delays, and increased risk of tachypnea, a condition characterized by abnormally rapid breathing after birth. C-sections conducted prior to 39 weeks of gestation can also increase the risk of the baby developing respiratory distress syndrome, a potentially fatal medical condition.

Delayed C-Section

It is not uncommon for pregnant women to begin labor and expect to deliver the baby vaginally, only for unexpected variables to arise and render this type of childbirth unsafe. An emergency C-section is the appropriate response to this type of situation, and the attending physician must immediately recognize the warning signs that indicate a pregnant mother requires this procedure. For example, the mother may require a C-section if the child is in the birth canal too long – failure to begin the procedure in a timely manner can result in oxygen deprivation from the delay.

If the doctor fails to recognize these signs and conduct the emergency C-section when required, the delay in treatment can easily result in tragic consequences for the mother and/or her child. If this resembles your recent experience, and another similarly skilled doctor in the same situation would have acted differently, you likely have grounds for a malpractice claim against the doctor who mishandled the C-section.

Errors During C-Section Procedure

It is also possible for a C-section injury to occur if the doctor performing the procedure makes a negligent mistake. This may include misuse of surgical instruments, mistakenly causing an internal injury to the mother, harming the infant with surgical instruments, failure to monitor the mother’s and/or the child’s vital signs, and excessive force during extraction of the infant.

Proving Medical Malpractice In A C-Section Injury Case

If you believe your attending physician mishandled your C-section procedure in any way that resulted in measurable harm to you or your child, you likely have grounds for a medical malpractice claim against the party responsible for the injury. Your Baltimore, Maryland, medical malpractice attorney will help you establish the basic elements of medical negligence:

  • You must prove a formal doctor-patient relationship existed with the defendant.
  • You must provide evidence that the defendant failed to uphold the standard of care for your situation. This usually requires expert witness testimony from a similarly skilled medical professional who can attest to the impropriety of the defendant’s actions.
  • You must offer evidence of the harm resulting from the defendant’s negligence. For example, if your child developed cerebral palsy from a C-section injury, you must provide documentation showing the extent of your medical expenses and other damages resulting from this diagnosis.
  • You must prove causation between the defendant’s negligence and your claimed damages. This means you must prove your claimed damages are the direct results of the defendant’s negligence and not some other cause.

An experienced medical malpractice attorney will know what evidence and documentation you will need to prove liability for your C-section and establish the full scope of your claimable damages. At Peter Angelos Law, our team’s priority is to maximize our client’s recovery however possible. C-section injuries are capable of inflicting severe injuries and causing long-term medical complications for those affected. If you or your child developed severe medical issues due to a mishandled C-section procedure, our firm can assist in your recovery by holding the responsible party accountable for medical negligence.

It is natural to feel worried, stressed, and uncertain following any type of birth injury. Peter Angelos Law provides compassionate and aggressive legal representation to Maryland state-wide families who have suffered C-section injuries from medical negligence. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to get the legal answers to your most urgent questions for free and learn more about how we can help you pursue maximum recovery of your damages.