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Oil Spill Lawsuits

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Our country is exploring alternative energy sources and making efforts to increase our energy independence, but America still remains a nation dependent on fossil fuels. From large industrial corporations down to the individual consumer, we rely heavily on oil-based products. As a result, oil is extracted, stored in massive quantities and transported throughout the nation. In fact, Maryland ports are a hub for the handling of imported petroleum and its distribution throughout the Midwest and the Eastern Seaboard.

What does the prevalence of petroleum and crude oil-based products mean for local Maryland residents? It means that there is a substantial and ever-present danger that these products – which are inherently hazardous and harmful to both the environment and people – can pollute our communities and cause widespread damage. From groundwater contamination to exposure, pollution, explosions and other damages, the dangers of oil spills and leaks are extensive.

Damages Caused By Oil Spills

While oil spills have long been a concern for regulatory agencies throughout the nation, several notable incidents in recent years have highlighted just how dangerous these events can be. With an overwhelming potential to disrupt wildlife and the environment, the effects of oil spills can ultimately affect communities whose economy depends on their relationship to the natural world, especially those who farm land or engage in commercial fishing. Communities, residents and local businesses can all be negatively impacted by oil spills financially and, most alarmingly, physically.

The health consequences posed by toxic exposure can be severe and life-altering. Those who live in regions where these spills occur can be exposed to harmful materials throughout the course of their daily lives and for many years to come. There are a number of chemicals in oil that are known to be toxic to humans, as well as those that have been linked to cancer. If gasoline has been treated with MTBE, a substance that has also been considered a carcinogen, leaks and spills can spell disaster.

Maryland Personal Injury Lawyers Committed To Local Communities

Companies that drill, explore, handle or transport oil products are legally required to meet numerous local and federal laws. While avoiding all oil spills and hazardous events may not be possible, obtaining compensation for local residents, workers and businesses that have been adversely affected is possible. At Peter Angelos Law, our Maryland environmental litigation lawyers draw from decades of legal experience, collective efforts and extensive resources to provide the highest quality and most effective representation possible. Capable of representing plaintiffs in need of compensation for the damages oil spills have caused, our firm is here to protect the rights of local residents and communities. If you would like to discuss your legal matter with a member of our legal team, contact the law offices of Peter Angelos Law today by calling us at 410-216-0009.