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Toxic Chemical Leak/Spill

Maryland Personal Injury Attorney Fights To Protect The Community

Hazardous materials and chemicals are an inextricable part of American industry. Used in numerous products and in a variety of commercial services and sectors, these chemicals are heavily regulated to ensure that the general public is kept safe from the damage they can potentially cause. When accidentally released in the form of leaks, spills or ruptures, these chemicals can cause extensive and widespread harm.

Toxic chemicals have an overwhelming ability to disperse and spread. Known to seep into surface water, contaminate groundwater and cause significant air pollution, these substances can also cause severe damage to local vegetation and wildlife in the area. For residents and local businesses in the region, the dangers of exposure can affect them substantially during the course of their daily lives, as substances released by chemical leaks are routinely found in drinking water, foods and other essentials.

How An Environmental Litigation Lawyer Can Help

The United States Department of Commerce reports that there are thousands of chemical and oil spills each year, both on and offshore. As Maryland maintains active ports that transport a great deal of raw and hazardous materials, the threats posed by spills and coastal waters can significantly impact both the health of local residents and their economic well-being. Regardless of the precise or tangible impact that chemical leaks and spills may have on a community, they must never be tolerated.

At Peter Angelos Law, our team of experienced trial lawyers represents residents, families and local businesses that have been victimized by corporate negligence. As these substances are largely handled by industrial corporations, oil companies and other similar businesses, retaining steadfast, resourceful and seasoned representation can make all the difference in your ability to hold even the most financially powerful corporations liable for their actions.

To put things simply, our firm is here to provide local residents with a bold and unwavering voice and help them stand collectively against large corporations that fail to play by the rules. By integrating our extensive resources, professional connections and legal prowess, our firm can work to ensure that these companies are held accountable for the damages they cause and that the local community is kept safe and pristine.

Protecting The Rights Of Maryland Residents Since 1961

Having served the local residents of Maryland for more than 60 years, our environmental litigation attorneys have played a significant role in seeking to keep the public safe and to seek legal remedies for mistakes and negligent conduct by businesses, large and small, that result in exposure to environmental contaminants. For more information about toxic chemical leaks, spills and exposure and to discuss your claims for damages caused by environmental hazards with a Maryland personal injury lawyer from our firm, contact the law offices of Peter Angelos Law today by calling us at 410-216-0009.