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Zimmer Hip Implant Attorney

Injured By A Zimmer Hip Replacement Product?

Metal-on-metal hip implants have been the subject of widespread scrutiny by medical and legal professionals throughout the nation. Notorious for high risks of health complications and high failure rates, these implants routinely cause patients to suffer extensive injuries, illnesses and financial damages. One of the largest manufacturers of these all-metal hip replacement systems, Zimmer Holdings Inc., has been targeted by the FDA and consumers for their marketing of defective hip implants.

Zimmer’s most problematic hip product is the Durom® Acetabular Component, also known as the Durom Cup. Patients who received the Durom Cup implant soon reported high rates of failure, which subsequently caused them tremendous pain and suffering. Many patients were also forced to endure painful revision surgeries that compromised a great deal of their time and financial assets. In 2008, Zimmer officially recalled the Durom Cup, and urged orthopedic surgeons to stop implanting the device. Unfortunately, the damage had been done and numerous Zimmer implant surgeries had already been performed.

If you or a loved one received a Zimmer hip implant and have experienced any adverse health effects or the need for revision surgery, you may be entitled to monetary compensation from Zimmer Holdings Inc. With the assistance of our firm’s experienced Maryland personal injury attorneys, you can effectively file your personal injury claim and recover the financial, physical and/or emotional damages you incurred as a result of this defective hip replacement system.

Experienced Maryland Product Liability Lawyers

At Peter Angelos Law, our legal team has spent decades effectively handling the complexities of high-stakes liability litigation. Corporations, such as Zimmer Holdings, that make unsafe products and medical devices available to the public must be held accountable for their actions and liable for damages that victims suffer. As we know that these experiences can impact virtually all aspects of a victim’s life, you can be sure that we work relentlessly until a favorable resolution is achieved.

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