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DePuy Hip Replacement Lawyer

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In August of 2010, DePuy Orthopaedics recalled two of their hip implant devices. The recall was prompted by hundreds of DePuy hip implant patients needing revision surgeries in a much shorter time interval than what is normally anticipated for hip implant patients because of severe pain, loosening of the device, and even infection. More than 93,000 patients worldwide have received these potentially faulty hip implant devices.

Hip implants such as those manufactured and distributed by DePuy Orthopaedics consist of metal-on-metal bearings. Many patients develop inflammation, tissue damage, and infection as a result of debris produced while walking and performing daily activities. The debris from the metal-on-metal implant can cause serious injury, which can be corrected only by surgical revision.

The two hip implant devices recalled by DePuy are:

  • ASP Hip Resurfacing System – A partial hip replacement sold outside the U.S. that places a metal cap over the ball of the femur
  • ASR XL Acetabular System – A hip socket used in traditional hip replacement sold globally

It has been reported that an astonishing 12% to 13% of these hip implants fail within five years of the patient receiving it. A more recent report suggests failure in nearly half of the implants, requiring revision surgery within six years. DePuy initially stated that they were phasing out the defective devices because of low sales. However, doctors and orthopedic experts have voiced concern because the devices were not recalled sooner due to high failure rates.

Consult An Attorney Before Accepting An Offer

DePuy has offered to pay the out-of-pocket costs of surgical revision associated with the recall, but patients and their families should consult with a defective hip implant attorney before signing or giving any documents to the manufacturer. Our Maryland personal injury attorneys are available to discuss your defective hip implant case and inform you about the ways in which we can recover your damages.

While not recalled, the DePuy Pinnacle metal-on-metal hip implant system has also been the subject of numerous adverse event reports. Metal particles from friction caused by the constantly moving parts of the DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement system can be released, which may lead to metal toxicity. Moreover, patients with Pinnacle metal-on-metal hip implant systems can develop hip pain or loosening of the device, which may require surgery. This is also a prominent concern in many brands of metal-on-metal hip replacement systems.

Find The Information And Assistance You Need

Although recalls demonstrate a company’s willingness to recognize the dangers of their defective products, they often come too late for many patients who have used them. When it comes to DePuy hip replacement systems, our Maryland product liability lawyers work diligently to ensure that injured victims obtain the compensation they need to cover their financial, physical and/or emotional damages.

If you or your loved one has suffered an injury as the result of a DePuy hip replacement system, contact Peter Angelos Law for the information and legal assistance you need.