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Recent reports indicate that there are more than 530 confirmed cases of illness or death related to the use of e-cigarette and vape products. If you or a loved one has used such products and suffered severe illness or seizures, we urge you to contact an attorney by calling 1.866.327.0780 or by filling out the form below. You may be entitled to pursue legal action.

JUUL®, E-Cigarette And Vaping Injury

Throughout the month of September, 2019, the number of confirmed cases of vape-related illness grew by forty percent. Health agencies throughout the U.S. are now investigating the link between vaping, severe illness and death, in line with pressures from the President and federal agencies to ban the devices.

Nicotine Addiction From E-Cigarettes, JUUL® And Vape

E-cigarette and vape devices have continuously been marketed as a safer alternative to traditional tobacco products. However, claims suggest that such devices, specifically JUUL®, use a highly concentrated formula mixed with appealing flavor combinations, delivering three times more nicotine than is needed to satisfy the nicotine cravings of an adult smoker.

Additional claims suggest that manufacturers intentionally focused on marketing flavors that would appeal to younger demographics, including minors, in an effort to improve sales. The flavors available include creme, mango, fruit and more.

These deceptive marketing practices have allegedly led users to consume the product at a higher rate, leading to addiction, dependence and other severe health issues.

Adverse Side Effects

The following side effects are related to both the high levels of nicotine in electronic nicotine devices, and the specific dangerous chemicals found in the vape solution:

  • Coughing
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Seizures
  • Death related to illness

Chemicals used in the solution, such as diacetyl, formaldehyde, toluene and acrolein, are suggested to have a volatile effect when consumed. These chemicals can also cause the development of serious and irreversible lung diseases.

Doctors familiar with the cases suggest that the illnesses resemble lipoid pneumonia, which develops when oil enters the lungs.

Contact An Experienced Attorney Now

The increased use of popular e-cigarette and vape brands, is a concerning issue – especially as reports of vaping-related lung illnesses continue to grow.

If you or a family member has suffered from seizures, coughing, vomiting, nausea, pain while breathing or other symptoms after prolonged exposure to vape or other e-cigarette products, you may be entitled to pursue financial compensation. Our attorneys have recovered billions of dollars on behalf of injured consumers, and we will fight for you.