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Misdiagnosis Medical Malpractice Claims

Maryland Personal Injury Attorney For Victims Of Diagnostic Errors

Any type of care, treatment or service provided by a health care professional must meet certain acceptable standards. This holds true for the diagnostic services medical professionals provide when examining patients and diagnosing medical conditions. When physicians and other medical professionals inaccurately assess a patient’s medical condition, also known as a misdiagnosis, serious health consequences and damages can result.

Although medical science and technology have allowed us to effectively diagnose and treat numerous types of diseases, illnesses and medical conditions, it is still unreasonable and unfair to expect doctors to solve every problem or cure every disease. It is certainly not unreasonable, however, to expect that medical professionals will exercise caution, care and appropriate medical standards when diagnosing patients. As different types of health conditions can require wildly different types of procedures, treatment and care, misdiagnosing, or even failing to diagnose, a condition that most health care professionals would have seen can produce devastating results.

Dangers Of Misdiagnosis

When medical professionals inaccurately diagnose a medical condition, there are two major repercussions. The first is that the true medical condition of a patient has not been diagnosed, meaning that the appropriate treatment will not be provided. This may result in the worsening of an untreated illness or disease, which, in some cases, can pose extremely devastating results. Another significant consequence of misdiagnosing a medical condition results from the fact that a patient may receive therapeutic treatment for a condition or disease they do not have, placing them at risk for suffering additional or new health complications. In the most serious cases, a misdiagnosis can result in incorrect medication errors and surgical errors. Some of the most common conditions involved in diagnostic errors include:

  • Various types of infections
  • Cancer
  • Heart attack, stroke and other heart conditions
  • Appendicitis
  • Diabetes
  • Meningitis

Whether it is a misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose, or any other type of inaccurate medical assessment, effective medical malpractice claims must highlight the failures of medical professionals to uphold expected standards of care. In order to accomplish this, our team of experienced and dedicated attorneys work vigilantly to explore all of the circumstances surrounding your situation and to meticulously prepare your case for litigation.

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