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Doing Your Research: How to Learn if a Doctor or Hospital has had Previous Medical Malpractice Claims Brought Against Them

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2022 | Medical Malpractice

When it comes to getting a surgery or medical procedure performed you have a lot of choices. Just one quick Internet search can lead to hundreds of results— so how exactly do you choose which doctor or hospital is right for you?

This article covers where to search to find out if your doctor or hospital has had previous medical malpractice claims brought against them and what to do if you think there’s a repeated pattern of malpractice.

Start with the Databases

There isn’t just one place to search to find out if your doctor or hospital has previously had malpractice claims against them but there are a few national resources to get you started. The National Committee for Quality Assurance grades physicians based on the quality of care that doctors provide. The Committee is a great resource for information on health care clinicians, practices and organizations, as well as health plans. Meanwhile, the National Practitioner Data Bank allows you to search both Adverse Action Report and Medical Malpractice Payment Report data from 1990 through March 31, 2022. Additionally, state medical boards and health departments may keep their own publically accessible records.

Search Court Records

If your doctor or hospital has had previous malpractice claims filed against them, you may be able to find the court records digitally or in person. While some states make it easy for the public to search records electronically, others may require an in-person visit or public information request to pull paper files. The suit is likely to have been filed in the county in which the hospital or doctor’s office is located.

Read the Reviews

It’s key to remember that the loudest voices in the room aren’t necessarily the ones that are most common. However, when filtering through online reviews sometimes a pattern emerges that is impossible to ignore. If multiple people are reporting the same incidents, you may want to give some weight to those repeated experiences as they are probably common practice for the physician or hospital.

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