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8 Reasons to Talk to an Experienced Surgical Error Lawyer

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2021 | Uncategorized

Experiencing an injury or medical error at the hands of a surgeon can be incredibly frustrating, stressful, and scary. If you are a victim of a surgical error, you may be overwhelmed with your circumstances and unsure of your next steps. However, talking to an experienced surgical error lawyer is an effective way to understand your options and learn if you can receive compensation from the at-fault party. Read on to learn eight reasons to talk to a surgical error attorney in Baltimore.

8 Reasons to Talk to an Experienced Surgical Error Lawyer in Baltimore

1. Surgical Errors Are Serious

If you have experienced a surgical error, you may be tempted to write it off or move one without pursuing compensation. However, you should not underplay the pain and stress you have endured due to this error. Regardless of whether the error was mild or severe, the surgeon put your health and life at risk by being careless within their practice.

One way to achieve justice for your suffering and ensure that the surgeon does not put other lives at risk is to pursue compensation from the at-fault party. When you hire our experienced attorney team, we will do everything we can to represent you well and ensure that the at-fault party receives adequate consequences for their actions.

2. Surgical Errors are Too Common

When you put your life in the hands of a surgeon, you want to feel confident that they will do everything they can to keep you safe and mend your ailment. However, a surgical error demonstrates that a surgeon does not have your best interests in mind. Unfortunately, surgical errors are far too common in the U.S., with at least 4,000 occurring each year.

When victims of surgical errors do not pursue legal action against the at-fault party, the surgeon is able to keep performing surgeries and putting other patients in danger. By talking to a surgical error attorney about your experience, you are starting the process of achieving justice for your pain and suffering and keeping future patients safe.

3. An Attorney Has the Skills and Resources to Represent You

If you have already decided to pursue legal action against your surgeon, you may be wondering whether you can go it alone or whether you need an attorney on your side. In reality, having the assistance of an attorney gives you a greater chance of receiving compensation from the at-fault party.

At Peter Angelos Law, we have the necessary skills, court experience, and resources to represent you well and give you a fair chance of achieving justice. We will put our best foot forward throughout the entire legal process to represent your case accurately and convincingly to the judge and jury and ensure that your needs are accounted for. If you’re considering legal action, having an attorney on your side is essential in getting the best outcome from your case.

4. An Attorney Can Take the Weight Off Your Shoulders

If you have experienced a surgical error, you may be in physical and mental pain as you recover from this ordeal. Depending on the severity of your error and ailment, you may be preparing for another surgery to correct the issue and take care of the original problem. Either way, pursuing legal action may not be high on your priority list.

However, when you hire an experienced surgical error attorney, you can let the attorney take the weight of the legal process off your shoulders. Your lawyer can handle all of the paperwork, legal deadlines, and other hassles involved in your case, taking all of the stress away from the process of pursuing compensation. At Peter Angelos Law, we’ll handle all of the stressors for you, allowing you to focus on your recovery and the best next steps for your health.

5. The Surgical Error May Be Hard to Prove

Surgical error cases can be complicated. Often, what the patient deems to be a clear surgical error is concealed by the medical team, making the patient question whether the error even occurred. And even if a patient feels confident in the error, the medical team likely has an experienced legal team on their side to dispute the patient’s claims.

Unfortunately, surgical errors can sometimes be hard to prove. If your case is complicated or you doubt your ability to prove your surgical error, you need an experienced lawyer on your side to help you. At Peter Angelos Law, we will help you gather evidence to support your case, giving you a promising chance of receiving compensation.

6. The Surgical Error Could Be Expensive

Surgical errors often result in expensive medical bills and serious complications that leave the victim short on cash. If you have suffered the consequences of a severe surgical error, you may be questioning how you will be able to pay to correct the damage and return to your normal life. Apart from steep medical bills, these events often leave victims unable to perform their jobs or return to work as quickly as they would like to, preventing them from making the money they need to survive.

Seeking compensation from the at-fault party is a critical way to receive the monetary compensation you need to return to your normal life. When you hire Peter Angelos Law in Baltimore, we will treat your case seriously and do everything within our power to win you adequate compensation to move forward with your life.

7. Surgical Errors Can Lead to Emotional Pain As Well

Surgical errors not only leave victims with physical pain and recovery. These events can also be traumatic and emotionally burdensome. When you experience a surgical error, you fall victim to a professional who does not have your best interests in mind. You may feel stressed or afraid to undergo surgery in the future, even if you need a surgical procedure to correct the damages.

We believe that no one deserves to undergo the stress and pain involved in surgical errors. If you have fallen victim to this type of event, you need a competent lawyer to help you get the compensation necessary to seek physical and/or psychological help and begin to move forward following this incident.

8. Not All Attorneys Can Support You the Same Way

When you hire a surgical error lawyer to represent you in a surgical error case, you want to feel confident in their ability to represent you well, use their skills and expertise in your favor, and go above and beyond to help you receive compensation. Unfortunately, not all lawyers are capable of representing clients adequately. Some attorneys take on too many clients at a time, leaving them with not enough available time to give the proper attention to each case.

However, when you hire Peter Angelos Law in Baltimore, you can feel confident in the dedication and care we put into your case. We always ensure that we have the time and expertise to represent our clients in the best way possible. If we think do not have the right skills for your case, we will let you know upfront.

Contact us today at Peter Angelos Law, where we know how stressful and debilitating surgical errors can be. Schedule a consultation with a surgical error lawyer and begin the process of seeking compensation.