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10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait to Contact a Birth Injury Lawyer

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2021 | Birth Injury

The birth of your child is an exciting time for any parent. However, when things do not go as planned, and the baby suffers injury during delivery, it can be devastating to everyone involved. If you think that your child may have been injured in this way, it’s important to speak with a lawyer immediately about your rights. Read on to learn ten reasons why you should contact a birth injury lawyer near your local Baltimore area.

10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait to Contact a Birth Injury Lawyer in Baltimore

A Lawyer Will Do a Thorough Investigation to Build Your Case

A lawyer will investigate the case by interviewing you, gathering medical records, and speaking to other people who were in attendance at your child’s birth. Having a strong investigative team on your side is crucial because it ensures that enough evidence exists for a lawsuit. When you contact Peter Angelos Law in Baltimore, Maryland, you can rest assured that your case will be taken care of in the right way.

A Lawyer Will Advise on What Your Options Are

A lawyer can tell you about your options and then help you choose which path is right for you. You can opt to file a lawsuit, seek out financial compensation through insurance companies, or both. Making such decisions on your own can be difficult and stressful. By working with an experienced birth injury lawyer, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands and that the best possible decisions will be made on your behalf.

A Lawyer Will Help with Necessary Paperwork

Filing a lawsuit can be a complicated process, and you might have to fill out a lot of paperwork. If a lawyer is helping you with this part of the case, then it means that they are going above and beyond for their clients. This type of service will ensure that the lawsuit goes smoothly without any mistakes or missed steps along the way.

A Lawyer Will Work Hard to Get You the Compensation You Deserve

Lawyers working on birth injury cases will work hard to get you the compensation that your child deserves. This can include money for medical bills, pain and suffering, future care needs, loss of past or future wages (if relevant), and more. When you let us handle your case, you can rest assured that we’ll get you the maximum amount of compensation possible.

A Lawyer Will Help You Get Justice Early

When you contact a lawyer right away, it can make the process of filing your lawsuit go much faster. That’s because all parties involved in the case will have to meet deadlines or answer to certain court orders handed down by judges. When working on birth injury cases, our goal is to help you move through this difficult situation as quickly as possible so that justice is served for your child’s injuries early on during their lives.

6) A Lawyer Will Coordinate Meetings with Medical Professionals

Preparing for a birth injury case can involve meeting with medical professionals. This could include physicians, therapists, or other important members of your child’s care team. At Peter Angelos Law, we work hard on behalf of our clients by coordinating meetings with medical professionals and examining the details of their cases.

A Lawyer Will Ensure Any Treatment Needs are Met

Once your child has been injured during delivery, they might need additional care or treatment. Working on birth injury cases means ensuring that children who have been injured receive the best possible medical attention to minimize any long-term issues from arising down the road.

We can work with doctors and therapists to ensure that your child’s needs are being met. We do this by coordinating meetings between parents and physicians, working closely with insurance companies when necessary, and bringing our knowledge of these types of cases into every stage of the process.

A Lawyer Will Deal with Insurance Companies on Your Behalf

Dealing with insurance companies is a difficult part of filing for birth injury cases. The process can be confusing and difficult for most people. When working on birth injury cases, we try as hard to make this process smooth for you so that you can focus on your child’s recovery process. Our duties include speaking directly with insurance companies when necessary so you don’t have to worry about missing deadlines or making mistakes during negotiations.

In addition, we stay up-to-date on all the latest information regarding birth injury cases, as well as new medical advancements in this area of medicine. This means we are well-equipped to know the right questions to ask insurance companies, medical professionals, and other key players involved in your case.

A Lawyer Will Recover Medical Records

In the process of birth injury cases, it might be necessary to recover lost or withheld medical records. That’s because these documents can provide crucial information that helps determine if a doctor or nurse mishandled your child’s delivery.

When you hire Peter Angelos Law, you can be sure that we’ll work hard to get the doctors and nurses involved in your lawsuit to release any relevant medical records they may have from when you were giving birth. We also keep up-to-date with all new legislation regarding access to these records to ensure that we retrieve all the information legally.

A Lawyer Will Help You Qualify for Social Security and Other Benefits

Once a child has been injured during birth, they might qualify for certain benefits that can help compensate them and their family. These include Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). When you work with us, you’re confident that we’ll identify all available social security benefits to get you and your child the maximum compensation you deserve.

Forms of Negligence During Pregnancy and Child Birth

There’re many forms of negligence that can occur during pregnancy and childbirth. Some common forms of birth injury negligence include:

Failure to Diagnose High-Risk Pregnancy

In a high-risk pregnancy, it is the responsibility of doctors and nurses to identify those who are at an increased likelihood of giving birth with unexpected problems. If your doctor or nurse failed to diagnose a severe condition that they should have known about during labor or delivery, you might be entitled to compensation for any injuries.

Failure to Monitor Fetal Heart Rate

It is the responsibility of doctors and nurses to monitor your baby’s heart rate. If they failed in this duty during labor or delivery, you might be entitled to compensation for your child’s injuries.

Failure to Monitor the Mother’s Blood Pressure Properly

It is the responsibility of doctors and nurses to monitor your blood pressure. If they failed in this duty during labor or delivery, you might also be entitled to compensation.

Failure to Calculate the Due Date Correctly

In some cases, your due date might be miscalculated. If this happens and it leads to problems during labor or delivery (such as the baby’s shoulder getting stuck in your pelvis), you may be entitled to damages for injuries sustained by your child.

A birth injury lawyer can be an excellent resource when you or your child has been injured during childbirth. While no amount of money can replace the pain and suffering endured, receiving damages from a lawsuit can help ease some of your hardships while providing for your family in the future. Contact us at Peter Angelos Law in Baltimore, MD to get started on your case today.