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How Long Does a Medical Lawsuit Typically Take?

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2021 | Uncategorized

Seeking out treatment is always associated with a risk because procedures can go wrong, doctors and nurses can make a mistake, and a medication can have adverse effects. If you are suffering as a result of the negligence of a medical professional in the Baltimore area, you can file a medical lawsuit in order to gain the compensation you need to restart your life.

But how long will it take for you to receive the money, and how many months will you need to fight for your rights? Since every case is different, there isn’t one answer to this question, but most likely you will spend at least one year pursuing compensation. When making decisions, keep the statute of limitations in mind, as you might not be able to claim if you wait too long. Let’s examine the timeline of your lawsuit and what you need to know before proceeding.

How Long Will Your Medical Lawsuit in Baltimore Take?

There are many different types of malpractice lawsuits, and the exact length it will take depends on your individual situation, how clear-cut the case is, and whether you have to take it to court or you can settle it between the relevant parties. Most cases are quite lengthy, so you can expect to spend at least a year or more fighting for your rights. Sometimes, you might be able to get a settlement in 12-24 months, but at other times, it can take up to four years.

The most important thing is to get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible so you can get started and receive compensation as quickly as possible. Depending on your state, there might be some regulations related to how long after the incident you can file a lawsuit. Let’s have a look at the local rules in Maryland.

Maryland Rules

If the injury occured in Maryland, generally, you have three years from the date of the incident. You have to keep this statute of limitations in mind when thinking about claiming compensation, and it’s better to contact your lawyer right away because the investigation process might take a few months. If the injury wasn’t detected immediately, you may be able to file your lawsuit even if the three years have already passed.

There are certain exceptions to the rule, and your lawyer will be able to tell you exactly what applies to you. One example where the statute of limitations isn’t applicable is minor children. No matter when the injury occurred, the clock doesn’t start ticking until the patient turns 18, so you may be able to file even years after the incident.

What to Do

If you’ve been injured by a medical professional, you should take action because the incident can affect the rest of your life in a negative way. In addition to the medical bills you’ll have to pay, you might be facing permanent health problems that make it difficult for you to complete your normal activities. For example, you may lose your job or have to change your line of work, and you could have trouble interacting with your family in the same way as before.

No matter what type of treatment you need, you should get the best medical care possible. This can help you to regain your quality of life, so you can get back to doing what you love. Most likely, the responsible party will have to pay for your treatment, so you will be reimbursed. Once you’re feeling better, you can contact an attorney, who will then help you to gather the necessary evidence to achieve the maximum level of compensation.

Receive Medical Treatment

You should always get treatment for any injuries or conditions that occurred as a result of the medical malpractice. In Baltimore, you’ll be able to get compensation for the damage the medical professional did, so you won’t have to come up with the fees for your treatment. Instead of worrying about the money, your medical lawsuit enables you to focus on getting better and recovering emotionally and physically from the traumatic event you experienced.

Get in Touch with a Malpractice Attorney

Depending on what happened, you might be able to contact your lawyer immediately, or you might need to wait until you feel better and are strong enough. Before deciding on which lawyer to hire, you’ll need to check that the lawyer in question is reputable and experienced. Check their website, have a look at the “Verdicts & Settlements” page, and find some reviews or testimonials from past clients to see what kind of experience others have had.

Once you contact them, the law firm will invite you for an initial consultation, during which you will speak to the lawyer about what happened, what the consequences of the incident are, and what level of compensation you need to make up for the damages. The attorney will then determine whether you have a viable case and whether they are a good fit for you. If so, they will give you more information on what the next steps are and what you need to do.

Gather Evidence and Fight for Your Rights

In order to fight your case successfully, you will need to prove three things. First, you need to show evidence that a medical error such as a misdiagnosis, surgical error, wrong dosage of medication, or delay in treatment occurred. Secondly, you also need to demonstrate that this has caused ongoing and severe issues in your life. Thirdly, you will have to show that you have injuries resulting from the wrongdoing. If you can show the judge evidence of these things, you are likely to have a strong case.

Your lawyer will be able to tell you exactly what you need to collect, and they will also lay out your case in the best way possible. An experienced malpractice attorney has contacts in the medical field, so they will also ask some experts for help. With these kinds of resources, you can successfully fight for your rights and gain the maximum level of compensation possible.

Medical malpractice is a distressing and life-changing issue that can affect your work, family situation, and quality of life. If you’ve been injured severely and are suffering from the consequences of a mistake, you can file a medical lawsuit and gain compensation for your losses. This can help to make up for your hospital bills, the loss of income you might have experienced, and the physical and emotional pain you’re going through.

When deciding what action to take, keep in mind that the expected duration of your lawsuit is 1-4 years. It’s important that you get in touch with your lawyer as soon as possible because there’s a statute of limitations in every state, and you might not be able to claim if you wait too long. Call or message us at Peter Angelos Law in Baltimore, MD to book your initial consultation and speak to one of our talented and experienced lawyers.