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Car Accidents Increase During Dangerous Maryland Winter Weather

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2021 | Car Accidents

As winter storms continue to cover our roadways with a dangerous sheet of snow and ice, it is imperative we avoid operating our vehicles as much as possible, or at least follow the rules of the road with extreme diligence. Below, the personal injury and car accident attorneys at Peter Angelos Law discuss the correlation between winter weather and car crashes, as well as how an experienced lawyer can assist you in your case.

Dangerous Road Conditions are Leading to Crashes in Maryland and Beyond

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you probably witnessed the massive 133-vehicle pile-up that occurred in the city of Fort Worth, Texas. Six lives were lost, and dozens of people were injured and trapped in their vehicles as cars continued to lose control in the abnormally icy conditions. The roadways were so dangerous that even first-responders on the scene were slipping and falling as they came to the rescue of others.

While we have been fortunate enough not to have experienced such a roadway disaster in our own state of Maryland, we are still not immune to the wintery conditions that have been affecting the Mid-Atlantic region. Snow and ice threaten the safety of the roads, the reliability of our vehicles and the safety of drivers and pedestrians—the icier the roads, the greater the chance of collisions.

Hundreds of Car Crashes Occurred Throughout Maryland in Early February Due to Winter Storm

According to a CBS Baltimore report, there were hundreds of car accidents, and at least one that resulted in a fatality, in the beginning of February. This uptick in accidents correlated with the winter storm that brought snow, sleet and ice to the Mid-Atlantic region. Accidents ranged from mild to severe, such as the car that flipped over on I-83 near the Hereford zone.

While snow and ice are always going to add a layer of danger to driving on the roads, many of these car accidents were the result of speeding in unfavorable conditions. In other words, many of the crashes that occurred earlier in the month could have been less severe or even prevented if drivers were operating their vehicles responsibly during the winter storm.

Adherence to Winter Weather Best Practices on the Roadways Will Help Prevent Collisions

While not all car crashes are preventable, operating a vehicle with extreme caution on icy roads will help mitigate the risk of collisions. The law requires vehicle operators to act with reasonable caution when behind the wheel, adhere to the speed limit (or even slower than the speed limit, when conditions are not ideal), and maintain control of the vehicle. Failure to carry out these responsibilities could result in a crash, and a subsequent negligence lawsuit. The most common acts of negligence that lead to car accidents are speeding, failure to stop at a stop sign, failure to stop at a red light, and driving aggressively.

If You Are a Car Accident Victim, Contact the Maryland Personal Injury Attorneys at Peter Angelos Law

Worsening road conditions brings a greater threat of serious car accidents. If you must be operating your vehicle during the Maryland winter weather, the attorneys at Peter Angelos Law urge you to proceed with caution. If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident that resulted from someone else’s negligent behavior, contact a member of our firm today for a free consultation. Our firm proudly serves the Baltimore area and has recovered billions in compensation for our clients.