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What to Do If You Are in an Automotive Accident

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2020 | Personal Injury

6 million car accidents occur every year, with three million people in the United States suffering from injuries as a result of car accidents. If you are involved in an automotive accident, especially one wherein you or a loved one is severely injured, the aftermath can be overwhelming in a variety of physical, mental and emotional ways. Understanding the intricacies of the auto accident process both in and out of the courtroom and ensuring you are adequately represented is the top priority for the attorneys at Peter Angelos Law

If you are involved in an automotive accident or hit-and-run, trusting a team of personal injury attorneys dedicated to providing legal counsel and fighting on your behalf is crucial. Here, the personal injury attorneys at Peter Angelos Law provide an overview of auto accidents, how to proceed when involved in an accident and best practices when seeking professional counsel.


Always Obtain Extensive Documentation and Police Reports

When involved in an automotive accident, being extremely thorough when obtaining documentation is vital. This includes information about the other driver, pictures of both vehicles after the accident and a fully completed police report. This will ensure that insurance claims can be filed quickly and efficiently, and that both parties are taken care of. Furthermore, this prevents false claims from being filed against you after the accident. If the other party claims that they had additional injuries not recorded by law enforcement or medical professionals, or claims that there was additional damage to their vehicle, you are able to provide proof that it did not occur as a result of the accident. Seek help from qualified professionals such as the team at Peter Angelos Law for representation.

Seek Medical Attention Directly After the Accident

After an accident, the adrenaline rush that many individuals have may prevent them from feeling the full extent of their injuries. However, it is extremely important to seek medical attention directly after an accident, and follow up with healthcare professionals as needed. Hit and run accidents can be serious and cause additional stress and frustration for victims as they try to navigate medical bills and additional financial obstacles. There has been an average of 682,000 hit and run cases per year for the past decade, with an average of 1,800 deaths each year. Whether your accident occurred between two vehicles, or you were injured by an oncoming vehicle as a pedestrian, seeking medical help quickly can help to provide documentation for court records so you can receive the compensation you deserve.


Seek Professional Counsel With the Personal Injury Attorneys at Peter Angelos Law

The team at Peter Angelos Law represents injured victims and families in a wide range of personal injury cases and related legal matters—and we have recovered billions of dollars in compensation on their behalf. If you have fallen victim to the negligence of another driver, seeking the help of experienced personal injury attorneys can alleviate stress and instill confidence that they will receive proper compensation for their injuries and future hardship. Automotive accidents can cause severe disagreement and legal disputes between parties, and if not properly prepared, it can be difficult to plead your case and fight for your rights. To learn more about the personal injury attorneys at Peter Angelos Law and see how our team can assist you, contact us today.