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Different Types of Compensatory Damages

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2019 | Personal Injury

In personal injury cases, there are many different types of compensation the plaintiff can collect depending on the situation and mental, emotional or physical injuries sustained. Here, the personal injury attorneys at The Law Offices of Peter Angelos discuss different types of compensatory damages that can be awarded during a personal injury case.

General Compensatory Damages

General compensatory damages compensate a plaintiff for injuries that are difficult to quantify and vary depending on the scenario. For instance, mental anguish or pain cannot be measured monetarily but are eligible for financial reward. Examples of harm that can be compensated with general compensatory damages include:

Pain and Suffering

A plaintiff may be entitled to collect compensation for their pain and suffering if they have experienced significant pain, discomfort or distress as a result of a defendant’s actions. Compensation can be granted to cover significant injury endured during or after an accident, and since every plaintiff in a personal injury case bears a different experience with differing levels of pain or injury, compensation varies depending on the case.

Emotional Distress

Emotional distress, or mental anguish, is similar to pain and suffering except it defines extreme mental, physical and emotional repercussions to the point of long-lasting trauma. Victims who experience emotional distress as a result of a serious physical accident typically suffer from long-term shock, confusion or anxiety that is often difficult to recover from. Emotional distress damages, therefore, offer support to struggling victims during their time of emotional recovery and healing.

Loss of Consortium or Enjoyment

Loss of consortium, or companionship, cases reward compensation to victims whose injuries have significantly impacted their relationships with their spouses or members of their family. In addition, loss of enjoyment damages help financially support victims who have sustained injuries that prevent them from partaking in activities they once enjoyed, such as sports, hobbies or recreational activities.

Special Compensatory Damages

Special compensatory damages cover financial burdens that have a distinct monetary value and can therefore be more easily measured when rewarding the plaintiff. Special compensatory damages can cover costs relating to the plaintiff’s income, expenses, housing, debt and more, all of which are quantifiable.

Medical Expenses

The plaintiff in a personal injury case can sue for the cost of their medical expenses required to treat their sustained injuries. This can include financial reimbursement for the treatment received post-accident as well as the estimated costs of care the victim may require in the future, including physical therapy or rehabilitation services.

Loss of Income

If an accident impacts a victim’s salary or ability to return to work, they can be eligible to receive financial compensation to cover lost income. The damages that are granted to the victims in personal injury cases are often called the victim’s “loss of earning capacity.”

Property Damage

If property, such as vehicles, clothing, housing or other items were damaged during an accident, the victim may be entitled to be reimbursed for the value of the damaged items. Reimbursement can also include necessary property repair costs.

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There are many different forms of compensation victims of a personal injury case can collect based on the severity of their mental and physical damages in addition to damages impacting their property or capacity to work. To learn more about how a dedicated personal injury attorney at The Law Offices of Peter Angelos can help you earn the compensation you deserve, contact our Baltimore Office today.