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Updates on FDA’s ‘Essure’ Report Errors

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2019 | Essure

On December 31st, 2018, Bayer announced that it was discontinuing its product Essure, a nonsurgical method of permanent birth control that has caused thousands of complications since its release. Here, the medical device liability attorneys at The Law Offices of Peter Angelos discuss the potential side effects of Essure and what victims need to know about their legal rights.

Essure Permanent Birth Control was First Released in 2002

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Essure permanent birth control for release in 2002. A nonsurgical procedure, Essure was said to be 99.3% effective and safe for women. Originally created by Conceptus, Essure was bought by Bayer in 2013 and remained Bayer’s product until 2018 when the company announced they would no longer sell the product due to a decline in sales. On December 31st, 2018, Essure was officially discontinued in the United States.

Essure is Linked to Several Serious Health Effects

The list of side effects associated with Essure is extensive and thousands of women have reported complications with the device, with some experiencing immediate side effects. Essure birth control is linked to health issues including but not limited to autoimmune disorders, bleeding, organ perforation, metal allergies, hair loss, ectopic pregnancy, headaches, pelvic pain, vomiting, fainting, device migration, vaginal bleeding, bladder or bowel injury and more. In addition, many of these side effects require additional surgeries to fix internal damages as well as remove the Essure device, therefore increasing the physical, mental and financial stress placed on the victim.

Bayer Faces Lawsuits and Backlash from Victims of Faulty Essure Implants

Because thousands of women who have received Essure implants have experienced adverse side effects associated with the medical device, patient support groups have filed lawsuits against Bayer, who is accused of neglecting to warn patients of potential complications as well as failing to report major side effects to the FDA. There are currently more than 17,000 lawsuits filed against Bayer concerning defective Essure implants.

Many victims are also using their voices in non-legal ways. Many women who have suffered serious complications as a result of receiving Essure birth control have appeared on the 2018 Netflix documentary The Bleeding Edge to talk about their story and warn other women about the dangers of Essure. In addition, many support and advocacy groups have formed as a result of the complications of Essure, including the Essure Problems Facebook group, which has more than 41,000 members. Since its creation, the group has partnered with Congress and FDA commissioner, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, to propose the improvement and safety of medical devices.

Discuss Your Rights with a Medical Device Liability Attorney at The Law Offices of Peter Angelos

Essure permanent birth control has seriously injured thousands of women since its release, resulting in class action lawsuits against Bayer for negligence and their failure to warn the public of the risks Essure posed. The dedicated medical device liability attorneys at The Law Offices of Peter Angelos have experience representing victims of faulty medical devices and can provide you legal services so that you can receive the damages you need. If you or a loved one has suffered from side effects related to Essure, schedule your free consultation with The Law Offices of Peter Angelos now.