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Maryland Considering Legislation to Support Civil Legal Action of Child Sex Abuse Survivors and Victims

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2019 | Clergy Sexual Abuse

In March, Maryland lawmakers advanced legislation that would allow child sex abuse survivors and victims to file civil legal action against their assailant, regardless of when the abuse occurred.

Maryland lawmakers have advanced a bill that would help to hold abusers within the clergy accountable for the sexual abuse that children and adolescents have suffered. The legislation would remove the current statute of limitations for all new civil cases and would apply retroactively to any claims of past abuse filed by adult victims and survivors before October 2021. The bill advances as accusations of clergy abuse throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. grow substantially.

As it exists, Maryland law does not establish a statute of limitations for filing criminal charges of child sexual abuse. However, the current law does maintain limitations for cases brought in civil court. There, accusers must have evidence to prove that the abuse occurred and file their claim within seven years of their 18th birthday. Due to this factor, proponents of the current bill claim, the Catholic church has used Maryland as a sanctuary state to protect offenders within the clergy from civil action.

If passed, the updated law will provide adults who suffered sexual abuse during their childhood the ability to seek monetary compensation for the harm they faced.

The Law Offices of Peter Angelos Advocates for Victims and Survivors of Clergy Abuse

The Law Offices of Peter Angelos has developed a team of lawyers to help survivors and victims in their path to healing. We understand that there is a world of difference that exists between being a victim of child sexual abuse and being a survivor and are prepared to help anyone who has suffered the atrocity of child sexual abuse.

We agree that bringing litigation that can survive any defense raised by the Church is important to our clients and all survivors/victims. To that end, our research and investigation continues to focus on the Church’s conspiracy that covered up decades of systemic, institutional and cultural abuse visited on our clients. It is our hope to bring a voice to our clients as our investigation unfolds.

Sexual abuse, particularly of minors, is a reprehensible crime that has long-lasting emotional, physical and mental impacts on survivors/victims and their families. It is vital for survivors/victims of such abuse to be heard and for their claims to be investigated.

The compassionate and experienced victims’ rights attorneys at The Law Offices of Peter Angelos have tirelessly served the community at their offices in Maryland and Pennsylvania, and have years of experience advocating for victims. If you have experienced abuse at the hands of an institution such as the Catholic Church, we encourage you to reach out to discuss your legal options today.