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Peter Angelos Law Serves Maryland Residents

Since first founding our firm more than 50 years ago, attorney Peter Angelos has demonstrated a passion for giving back to the community and its residents who have trusted him in their times of need. Attorney Angelos provided the starting point for our firm’s rich legacy of obtaining successful resolutions, and his passion for civic engagement became one of the principles that continues to guide our practice and our Maryland personal injury lawyers to this very day.

A trial lawyer with deep roots in Maryland, attorney Angelos set the standard for what a law firm can do for the community it serves. A former member of the Baltimore City Council, current Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Baltimore Orioles, and member of the board for numerous colleges, hospitals and civic organizations throughout the state, attorney Angelos has spent his life fostering a deep relationship with the state of Maryland. He and our firm have also been donors to many institutions throughout the state, including Mount Saint Mary’s College, Loyola College in Maryland, the University of Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University, University of Maryland Medical Systems Corporation, St. Joseph Medical Center Foundation, George Meany Center – National Labor College and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

Attorney Angelos’ long and diverse record of community involvement speaks volumes about his commitment to Maryland and its many residents. While his charity and philanthropy have been commended by many throughout the state, his efforts, as well as the entire firm’s efforts, in representing injured residents have also made an indelible mark on the local community.

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Whatever your case may be, you can trust in the genuine commitment of Maryland personal injury attorneys who truly care about making a difference in the lives of injured residents and families throughout the state. We enjoy what we do, and we feel that our clients benefit immensely when they have passionate, experienced and genuine legal support in their corner.

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