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$4.5 Billion Dollars Against The Tobacco Industry

Our Efforts Were Commended By Several Attorney Generals

Peter Angelos Law has been involved in several landmark cases throughout the years. Among these, one of the most notable cases involved a lawsuit against the tobacco industry, including large corporations such as Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds.

Attorney Peter Angelos and our firm were selected by the state of Maryland to represent the state in a high profile lawsuit against the tobacco industry. Attorney Angelos was enormously successful in his role as a lead attorney and was able to highlight the negligence and unethical practices commonly used by powerful tobacco companies.

The lawsuit centered on the deceptive practices of tobacco companies and their failures to warn consumers about the addictiveness of nicotine and the risks associated with smoking. The lawsuit had alleged that each year in Maryland, more than 7,000 Maryland residents died as a result of using products from the tobacco industry.

After extensive legal work and negotiations, Peter Angelos Law was able to help secure a $4.5 billion dollar settlement on behalf of Maryland. Our efforts were commended throughout the legal community and our legal team was recognized for our contribution to the resolution of tobacco litigation nationwide.

A History Of Success

The $4.5 billion dollar settlement is an example of the successful results that passionate and talented personal injury attorney can provide. Having secured numerous successful verdicts and settlements throughout the years, our firm has managed to recover billions of dollars in compensation on behalf of clients. We believe that our past success speaks for itself, and we remain committed to protecting the rights of victims and families during their times of need.