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Toxic Tort Lawyer

A toxic tort is a type of personal injury lawsuit filed by a victim who suffered an injury or disease that was caused by exposure to harmful substances. People are regularly exposed to toxic chemicals or materials in a variety of ways and from a variety of products. They can also experience exposure in the home, at work and from the environment. Claims filed for asbestos exposure, for example, would be considered toxic torts.

A toxic tort claim alleges that exposure to a dangerous substance caused an injury or illness. These claims can be filed by individuals or on behalf of groups of people, which is known as a class action lawsuit. The most common types of toxic exposure claims involve occupational exposure, exposure in the home, and to consumer products.

At Peter Angelos Law, our lawyers represent plaintiffs who have suffered illnesses or injuries as a result of exposure to harmful substances or conditions. This includes representation in cases that involve pharmaceutical liability for dangerous drugs and environmental litigation when toxic chemicals are found in groundwater or in the environment. We also maintain an active asbestos and mesothelioma practice, and have been deeply involved in asbestos litigation for decades.

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Our motives when handling these cases are simple: hold responsible parties liable for the damages they caused and obtain compensation for injured victims. This is only possible through our use of extensive toxic tort experience and our unwavering commitment to the injured victims and families we serve. With millions of dollars recovered for victims of asbestos exposure and $4.5 billion dollars recovered in a case against the tobacco industry, it is clear that our legal team has the ability to litigate even the most complex and disputed toxic tort claims.

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