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Our group of trial attorneys and personal injury lawyers are experienced, passionate and committed to excellence. Our personal injury lawyers dedication to our clients is reflected in the results we achieve. With over 70 attorneys experienced in a variety of practice areas and a dedicated support staff, the Law Offices of Peter G. Angelos is committed to providing you with the most effective legal representation available.

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Peter G. Angelos
H. Russell Smouse
Thomas Minkin
Edward P. Monaghan
Gary J. Ignatowski
R. Bruce McElhone
Armand J. Volta, Jr.
George A. Weber, III
David L. Palmer
Edward J. Lilly
Patricia J. Kasputys
Bruce C. Hill
Andrew M. Cantor
Fredrick H. Durst
Thomas C. Summers
Theodore M. Flerlage, Jr.
Roger A. Doumar
William D. Poland, Jr.
Charles A. Candon
James T. Fitzgerald
Steven W. Smith
Thomas P. Kelly
Ronald E. Richardson
Bessie D. Demos
Gregory R. Smouse
Geoffrey K. Calderone, Jr.
Paul M. Matheny
Louis F. Angelos
Keith E. Haynes
Carol A. Hastings
Vasiliki P. Szczesny
Gregory N. Bunitsky
Mary Cina Chalawsky
William G. Minkin
Jeffrey J. Utermohle
Marlo A. Trotta

Hellen P. Harlston
William D. Kurtz
Glenn E. Mintzer
Sharon L. Houston
Daniel K. Miller
Aaron R. Parker
Anthony J. Covacevich
James S. Zavakos
Lamont G. McClure, Jr.
Robert S. Patterson
Timothy Manuelides
Kathleen M. Brown
Juan Carlos Radzinschi
Jennifer Lilly
Sean D. Burns
John Kotsatos
Amy H. Backenstose
Craig Silverman
Jessica E. Hay Greenberg
Christopher D. Wright
Michael S. Rosofsky
Christopher P. Kennedy
James E. Garland
Joshua L. Caplan
Joyce R. Lombardi
Demetrios A. Karas
Marla S. Owczarek
Tsega Girma
Justin S. Dunbar
Carolyn Nazelrod
Nicholas Bonadio
John M. McGraw
Nomiki M. Pastrikos
Zebulan P. Snyder
Nicholas S. Marsh
Cheryl L. Wilhelm
Michael J. Albanese
Matthew I. Blaustein
Elizabeth A. Ignatowski
Constance K. Nelson